Anti-Imperialist Activist Arrested at Atatürk Airport

By Ed Dalton Revolutionary-democratic and anti-imperialist activist Ekrem Deniz Osmanoğulları, a citizen of Holland who is of Turkish origin, was arrested on September 6th at the Atatürk Airport upon landing in Istanbul. Deniz was charged by the Turkish fascist state for posting on social media networks. The arrest only exposes the level of fascism in the AKP government in Turkey as it desperately attempts to … Continue reading Anti-Imperialist Activist Arrested at Atatürk Airport

Nicaraguan Mass Protests Continue

By Ed Dalton Violent protests have been raging in Nicaragua for the past four months, with more than 400 dead. In spite of new anti-terrorist laws which criminalize protest movements, the masses of Nicaraguan students, pensioners, and peasants persist in a just rebellion against the corrupt Daniel Ortega and the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) government. Protests erupted in response to the highly denounced pension … Continue reading Nicaraguan Mass Protests Continue