ST. LOUIS: Activists and Militants Target Predator’s Vehicle

Photo: part of Azrael Long’s vehicle splattered with red paint and flyers

By Olivia Klein

Last week, Incendiary received photos from Saint Louis, Missouri which show the car of serial sexual predator Azrael Long, covered in paint and flyers which read, “Azrael Long lives here, and has sexually assaulted dozens of women. The police refuse to take action. We must combat the enemies of working women! Combat sexual predators!”

Flyers seen around the Maplewood area targeting Azrael Long

In the days following the action, flyers appeared across the apartment complex at 7209-7215 Lyndover Pl. in the Maplewood area, where Long lives, warning the community of his presence as well as announcing that his car had been the target of the attack. Both the flyers found on the car and in the complex had hammers and sickles on them.

Long has an extensive history of assaulting women, and the fliers encouraged the masses to combat sexual predators, echoing graffiti which has recently appeared in the city in solidarity with the actions of women fighting abusive and predatory professors at the University of Texas at Austin.

Reports indicate that Long’s car had its tires slashed, the windshield covered in paint, and the engine disabled. By directly attacking the property of a known sexual predator who has assaulted dozens of women with impunity, the militants have sent a clear message that violence against women will be fought with revolutionary violence.

“Combat sexual predators from Austin to STL (St. Louis)”

Long’s predatory behavior and history of sexual assault was first made known to activists and militants in St. Louis over a year ago through a Facebook group created by women. In the group, dozens of women shared that Long had preyed on them. The women’s testimonies exposed Long’s pattern of targeting women in bars, separating them from their friends before finally luring them to parks where he would sexually assault them.

The women also shared that their reports against Long had been dismissed by police officers, and had never been contacted by detectives after submitting their reports. The police, as they so often do, had taken no action against a sexual predator and so the women used the facebook group to warn other women of Long’s predatory behavior.

A woman who was part of the Facebook group told Incendiary that she had twenty or thirty testimonies against Long, recalling that “He’d have girls on dates or pick them up at bars, then lure them outside to the park. Once they were outside alone, he’d hold them down and forcibly masturbate on them. It was horrifying to read.”

Another woman told Incendiary, “I remember they said to be on the lookout on Grand and Cherokee, that he was taking them away from the group and getting them. Always doing the assaults in parks.”

Police continue to demonstrate their class alliance by ignoring women’s reports against sexual predators and abusers, by protecting abusers and enemies of the people. In St. Louis, the police are complicit in Azrael Long’s anti-women crimes, aiding his abuse by ignoring women’s  reports, allowing Long to continue his predatory behavior. The militants and activists that carried the out action against Long in St. Louis have courageously taken up the task of combating and resisting abusers, demonstrating to the masses that abusers must be confronted through revolutionary violence.