AUSTIN: Revolutionary Women Hold Commemorative Día de Los Muertos Event for Revolutionary Martyrs

Photo: One altar of Great Leaders and revolutionary martyrs displayed at Friday’s event.

By Ed Dalton

Last Friday, revolutionary women organizers Popular Women’s Movement-Movimiento Femenino Popular (PWM-MFP) held a cultural event in honor of revolutionary martyrs on the holiday Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

Speeches were given by women activists on important historical figures and revolutionary martyrs and altars were set up to honor the dead.

The altars included images of historic figures like Frida Kahlo, Alexandra Kollontai, and  Clara Zetkin as well as women martyrs like Rosa Luxemburg, Jiang Qing, Comrade Norah, Anuradha Ghandy, and Edith Lagos.

Altar to revolutionary women displayed on Friday.

Another altar was dedicated to men and women revolutionaries of the US and the International Communist Movement, such as Comrade Cleomar of Brazil, Comandante Gato of Mexico, Comrade Sandra Lima of Brazil, Comrades Mike and Joe of Charlotte, NC, USA, and Comrade Pierre of France.

“We find strength in honoring and remembering our comrades who have passed away,” PWM said in a post. “We will carry on their legacy and inspire generations to come to continue this fight against the exploitation of our labor and bodies. We know the only solution is revolution!”

The Day of the Dead is traditionally a religious and cultural celebration observed to honor  the departed across Mexico and the oppressed Chicano nation in the southwest United States. This year, revolutionaries in Austin and Los Angeles observed the holiday to embrace resistance to US imperialism and commemorate their dead across the world proletarian revolution.