ST. LOUIS: Fascist Bar Owner Targeted By Antifascist Propaganda

Photo: The words “Get Out” along with hammers and sickles spray-painted in front of St. Louis fascist Scot Boman’s home.

By Olivia Klein

Antifascist propaganda was recently spotted in South St. Louis targeting fascist and former Volksfront member Scot Boman, including graffiti in front of his home on 2820 Hereford, reading “Get Out” with two hammers and sickles on his front steps. Antifascists have also circulated flyers about Boman in working-class neighborhoods.

P5 Bomans Home Graffiti

Locally, Boman is infamous for supporting the most reactionary elements of US imperialism and the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, giving officers a safe haven in the form of his local bar, 09 Pub.

P6 Boman Upholding Thin Blue Line Imperialism
Scot Boman holding thin blue line flag.

Boman’s direct ties to the neo-nazi organization Volksfront, however, are less well-known. Volksfront was a fascist organization based in Portland, Oregon with branches spanning North America, Europe, and Australia. The US branch’s goal was to create an all-white nation in the Pacific Northwest. Ultimately, the US Volksfront disbanded in 2012 in an effort to outmaneuver police investigations tied to the organization and its membership.

Boman admitted his affiliation with the neo-nazi group in an email he sent while attempting to join the Proud Boys, another fascist organization that seeks to project a more moderate image as “western chauvinists” in an attempt for broader appeal.

P7 Boman admission to being in VF, attempting to join PB.jpg
Boman admits he was in Volksfront in private email.

While Boman claims to have left the “Nazi, skinhead shit” behind, it must be understood that fascism is eclectic. It can mold itself to fit the current social climate, while still serving to defend capitalism as it thrashes about in its conclusive stage, imperialism. Fascism will bend and even break with things like racism to appeal to broader sections of workers and to drag them down to level of foot soldier for the most reactionary camps of the bourgeoisie.

This is demonstrated by the Proud Boys, who do not restrict membership to white people, but work with the police, uphold US imperialism, and violently attack anyone they perceive to be “leftwing.” Boman has not left his fascist beliefs behind; he is simply adjusting so as to modernize them.

These actions against Boman show the importance of going on the offensive against fascists and not resigning the scope of antifascist work to reactive demonstrations.