LOS ANGELES: Liberal Advocate’s “Drug Den” Claims Third Overdose Victim

Photo: Democratic Party Donor and Serial Abuser/Murderer Ed Buck.

By Ulrike Salazar

Millionaire Democratic Party donor Ed Buck was charged last Wednesday with three counts of felony battery, maintaining a drug house, and distributing methamphetamine leading to death.

Buck was arrested Tuesday night for injecting a 37-year-old man with methamphetamine, leading to an overdose on September 11. The victim, who has not been named, survived after being hospitalized. At the time, Buck tried to prevent him from calling 911 after realizing he had overdosed. Buck’s two previous victims died from their overdoses.

The community has maintained that Buck is a sexual predator, preying specifically on gay Black men for years. Gemmel Moore, who died in 2017, and Timothy Michael Dean who died in January of this year, were lured into his home and manipulated and incapacitated with drugs. So far 10 men have come forward, saying that they were paid to dress in revealing clothes and use drugs for Buck’s pleasure. The Sheriff’s Department found hundreds of photos of men in “compromising positions” when searching Buck’s apartment.

Reports indicate that Buck had gotten people addicted to meth who had never used it before. Moore’s family posted a page from his journal where he pleaded for help and named Buck as responsible for his drug addiction.

In some cases, Buck would give his victims medication in drinks that would cause them to pass out, awaking to find Buck injecting them with drugs. He is even known as “Dr. Kevorkian” among the homeless population in West LA’s Plummer Park, demonstrating the community’s widespread knowledge of his abusive activities.

Buck, a white millionaire, is a significant donor to the liberal-bourgeois Democratic Party. Although sometimes referred to as an LGBT activist, having served on the steering committee of the Stonewall Democrats, Buck’s biggest donations have gone towards animal rights groups such as his own Political Action Committee (PAC) named Animal PAC. He has donated over $500,000 to LA County candidates over the years, as well the election campaigns of former President Barak Obama and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, neither of whom have commented on the revelations.

Prior to Wednesday’s felony charges against Buck, law enforcement had refused to prosecute him for the deaths of Moore and Dean, despite the evidence of abuse and coercion.

For years, the family of Dean and Moore, activists, and community members have called for Los Angeles District Attorney Jackie Lacey to file criminal charges against Buck. After being charged on Wednesday, Buck faces up to 5 years and 8 months on state charges and 20 years minimum on federal charges.

Buck’s case exposes the insidious nature of identity politics. His pro-LGBT campaigns, like the one against a homophobic Arizona governor which garnered national attention in the late 1980s, effectively distracted the public for years from the horrors Buck exacted on his victims.

Even as it distances itself from Buck, the Democratic Party will not be able to stop itself from following his modus operandi. It will continue to outwardly support campaigns that advocate for measly reforms for the Black Nation and the LGBT community, while it simultaneously beckons the masses into the dark dens of the polling booths where it sedates them with false hope in an imperialist system that feeds off their exploitation and oppression.