AUSTIN: Graffiti in Support of Antifascism

Photo: Graffiti targeting Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick with a view of the Texas State Capitol

By Jakob Stein

This weekend in Austin, several pieces of graffiti went up across the city in support of antifascism. Two pieces honored the victims of the recent mass shooting in El Paso where a fascist shooter deliberately targeted and killed Chicano and Mexican people inside of a crowded Walmart shopping center to stop what he referred to as the “Hispanic invasion of Texas.”

After the shooting, reactionary Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick warned antifascists to “Stay out of El Paso” and the state of Texas generally, perpetuating the myth that antifascists are predominantly outside agitators or foreign actors. This street art, along with the numerous antifascist actions recently carried out in the state, suggest the contrary; there is a Texas-based antifascist movement that is growing.

“Dan Patrick Serves Fascism, Antifascists Serve the People!”
Antifascist graffiti under exit sign for Riverside Dr.
“Fight Fascism with Revolution, Honor El Paso”
“Combat Fascism”
“Fight Against Fascism!”
“Serve the People, Fight Fascism with Revolution”
“Antifascist Zone”