AUSTIN: Flyers Targeting Sell-Out Councilman Appear on Eastside

Photo: Flyer targeting sell-out Austin City Councilman Sabino “Pio” Renteria, they read “No Domain on Riverside! Pio Renteria $17,095 Prostitute. City Councilman, Vendido, and Class Traitor, Got in Bed with Developers for a 17K “Donation.” Enemy of the People!”

By Dmitri Sans

In the lead up to the second Austin city council hearing for the proposed “Domain on Riverside” this Thursday, numerous flyers and posters have been pasted all over the Eastside, calling City Councilman Sabino “Pio” Renteria a “prostitute” for accepting $17,095 in donations from supporters of the gentrifying project.

Renteria joined eight other councilmembers (many of whom also received large sums from developer interests) in voting to approve the first reading of the rezoning application for the “Domain on Riverside” at the August 8 meeting. Even the two council members who voted against the proposal, Greg Casar and Delia Garza, also received big donations from supporters of the project and backed Mayor Steve Adler as he called dozens of police on protesters, twelve of whom were arrested.

Revolutionary organization Defend Our Hoodz for over a year has helped organize the Ballpark, Quad, and Town Lake apartment complexes, some of the last remaining student and working-class housing that is under threat of being destroyed by the “Domain on Riverside.” Incendiary recently published a timeline of that struggle to date and asked our readers to donate and support those arrested.

Renteria and his accomplices on city council have already shown themselves to be enemies of the people who side with developers over the working class, poor, and oppressed nation communities of Austin who resist gentrification and displacement. The vote tomorrow may officially end the rezoning process for the city, but the defenders of Riverside have demonstrated that they are willing to continue the fight and put their bodies on the line to protect their people and their class.