A Specter is Haunting ICE: Shots Fired at San Antonio Offices

Photo: Bullet hole in window of ICE offices in San Antonio, Texas.

By The Incendiary Editorial Board

Before the evidence is in or any statement unearthed, the fevered, paranoid dreams of the reactionaries at Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) came to a head to denounce any political opposition to ICE on Tuesday morning, only hours after shots had been fired at two ICE offices in San Antonio, Texas. The FBI and ICE representatives blamed politics for the shooting at a press conference, and a few glass windows become more important than the 700 innocent people ICE ripped away from their families just a few days prior.

It is too soon to celebrate or denounce this attack. Conflicting and mixed reports from bourgeois media outlets and the lack of suspects makes analysis elusive. What is as clear as gunfire, however, is the guilt and fear on the faces of federal agents, who are likely aware of their anti-people crimes and eager to publicly whitewash them. It becomes obvious that the enemy of the people is afraid, afraid that next time the building might be full, or that their goons and administrators might be standing a few feet over and catch one between the eyes. This fear, at least, is palpable.

FBI agent Christopher Combs has said, “To fire indiscriminately into any building, let alone a federal facility, is not an act of protest, it’s an act of violence.” The discrimination appears to be the fact that the floors in the government buildings fired into specifically belonged to ICE, and Combs of course, being a loyal bourgeois agent, makes “violence” and “protest” mutually exclusionary.

On the contrary, throughout history “violence” and “protest” have related most closely when they have been successful in accomplishing social change. Secondly, what kind of pig thinks windows of a federal building are of more value than the real people ICE interns, deports, and abuses? What really keeps Combs and other federal agents up at night are not the gun shots, or potential gun shots even, but the fact that public opinion regarding ICE is so low, that most people are eagerly awaiting a manifesto, quietly wishing a few of the agents were hit, or at the very least grazed by broken glass. Above all the masses are dreaming of conquering power away from institutions like ICE, a fact that reactionaries like Combs are becoming aware of.

ICE Field Officer Daniel Bible at the same press conference said not only that attacking ICE was  “unjustifiable,” but that, “political rhetoric and misinformation that various politicians, media outlets, and activist groups recklessly disseminate to the American people regarding the ICE mission only serve to further encourage violent acts.” At least ICE has the nerve to tell the partial truth, exposing their fascistic hatred for free speech, and even freedom of bourgeois press as limited as it is.

As a media outlet which would certainly be categorized as disseminating dissent against ICE, Incendiary would like to be clear that if anything is causing violence against ICE, it is not the spread of “misinformation,” but the fact that ICE is a predatory anti-people organization which no democratic society can be expected to tolerate. What is more, the retaliatory violence is nothing compared to the violent existence of ICE, and it is not taking things far enough. Liberty and democracy are at odds with the existence of ICE, and as long as people desire these they will rebel against ICE.

Last month, Incendiary issued an editorial on the death of William Spronsen and his misguided, suicidal, and failed attack on a Tacoma detention center, an act neither revolutionary nor militarily sound. This report deserves some reiteration regarding the more successful attack in San Antonio, which at the very least exposes ICE agents and FBI spokesmen as fearful and vulnerable. Two targets being hit around the same time implies a basic level of organization, and the acts were not desperate or suicidal. They were not lone-wolf actions, and this is fine and good, but they will not provide the people with the organizational structures required to fully combat and resist ICE, as well as the whole imperialist system which it represents.

These gunners, whoever they might be, would be more valuable organized into a red army which is in the strict service of the people, which is disciplined and far-sighted and has the goal of creating socialism, not just targeting buildings temporarily uninhabited by the enemy. While no one at our paper will be losing sleep over the windows being shot out, or the ICE and FBI pissing themselves, it is correct to insist on bigger and better actions, which are only accomplished through patient work, through developing the organizational forms the working class and undocumented need to make revolution against imperialism. First and foremost, that is the Communist Party, surrounded by its Red Army which carries out its work among the people developing its United Front. With these three weapons, no ICE center will be left standing and all traitors will fall before the people.

This is not a dream. You have to be sleeping to dream. What we must do is fully wake up. Today, dispersed armed actions are being taken up against ICE. This is foreboding only to class enemies. In the not so distant future, these dispersed actions must be centralized and organized with the full power of the working class behind them, and then all enemies of the people will be ducking for cover.