PITTSBURGH: Graffiti Commemorates Homestead Strike, Calls for Solidarity with Brazil

By Samantha Murray

On Monday, posters and graffiti commemorating the 1892 Homestead Strike were found outside the McConway & Torley steel foundry, in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh. The graffiti appeared the day of a family tour and picnic organized by the owners to celebrate the company’s 150th anniversary.

One slogan on the side of the plant reads, “Strike back!” in white paint with an accompanying hammer and sickle. Wheat-pasted posters were also seen with slogans like “Hit the boss” and “Remember the Homestead strike.”


This month marks the 127th anniversary of the strike, when Pittsburgh workers occupied and defended the Homestead Steel Works plant against capitalist hired guns in a two-week-long battle.

McConway & Torley is the last steel foundry in Pittsburgh’s city limits, with around 400 workers who comprise the last of the hardcore of Pittsburgh’s industrial proletariat. The foundry is in close proximity to other factories and a lumber mill.

Elsewhere in Pittsburgh, graffiti can be seen supporting the people’s struggle in Brazil and calling for the freedom of comrade Igor Mendes, who was sentenced last year along with twenty-two others for participating in demonstrations against the FIFA World Cup in Brazil in 2013.