NEW YORK: Banker and Child Predator Epstein Faces New Charges

By Cassie Moran

Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was arrested Saturday for the second time on charges of sex trafficking involving underage girls. In court on Monday, he pled not guilty to abusing dozens of girls as young as fourteen at his homes in New York City and Palm Beach between 2002 and 2005, despite taking a sweetheart plea deal in 2007 on the same charge.

Epstein’s entry in the Florida Sex Offender Registry

As a hedge fund manager and philanthropist, Epstein moves in the highest circles of the ruling class, even once as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, chief decision-makers of US imperialism.

Epstein’s enormous wealth includes a ranch in New Mexico, mansions in Palm Beach and Manhattan, a private island in the Caribbean, sixteen cars, two private jets, and an unspecified number of yachts. Property on this scale means that Epstein had the space and resources to perpetrate his crimes away from anyone who might interfere with his exploitation of young women.

In a twisted pyramid scheme, Epstein paid the young girls he abused to lead others into his trap, often foster children and runaways from malls and house parties; young women such as these are especially vulnerable to predators under capitalism. Faced with the limited economic options of low-paying service or childcare jobs, and believing their greatest value lies in their desirability, girls are all too willing to listen to wealthy creeps offering them money for “modeling gigs.” Effectively groomed by the constant sexualization and commodification of women, it is no surprise the victims couldn’t see a better option for themselves.

Epstein’s money bought the silence of his victims and his employees; his philanthropy bought the acceptance of his peers. His friends, including Prince Andrew of Great Britain, Donald Trump, and Bill Clinton, undoubtedly know he is pedophile. In 2016, a woman sued Trump for raping her at one of Epstein’s parties when she was just thirteen years old. Alex Acosta, who acted as the prosecutor in that 2007 case and allowed Epstein to avoid federal charges, is now serving under Trump as the Secretary of Labor.

Epstein and Tump circa 2000

Epstein’s friends are now desperately trying to pretend that they never knew the girls were underage, and the bourgeois media is pretending to be shocked about how Epstein’s high-profile friends knew all about his pedophilia, but just accepted it as a “peccadillo.” Epstein even told a bourgeois reporter outright that he liked young girls; another reporter talked to two of his victims, but her editor cut the interview out.

Despite his elite friends’ efforts to protect him, Epstein’s arrogance led to him getting arrested a second time. The sheer number of girls he exploited—dozens, possibly hundreds—means that there are plenty of women willing to testify against him. He made minimal efforts to hide his predatory appetites and it’s likely that this latest arrest is the result of Epstein having used up all his favors.

The ruling class rewards psychopaths willing to exploit the vulnerable, but it is also anarchic at its core. While the wealthy will go to great lengths to protect their own, they also will not hesitate to throw someone like Epstein under the bus when their grotesque indulgence comes into conflict with overall profits.