ST. LOUIS: Antifascists Vandalize Home of Self-Proclaimed Nazi

By a St. Louis Antifascist. The cover photo was posted on self-proclaimed Nazi Chris Zugmaier’s social media.

picture of brick held by fascist posted on fascists social media
Note reads, “Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy – Mao”, photo posted on Zugmaier’s social media

Last Sunday night, St. Louis antifascists carried out a coordinated attack on the home of self-proclaimed Nazi, Chris Zugmaier at 6358 Bancroft Avenue. The action was carried out after prolonged agitation on Zugmaier’s street and surrounding working-class neighborhoods urging action against the fascist.

This effort was met with overwhelming support, with one man after being handed a flier exclaiming, “If I see him, I’ll hog tie him and beat his ass!” Similar support was given at a local supermarket during a soap-box style speech with a customer stating, “I don’t know why people think they can be open Nazis and get away with it.”

Zugmaier does not hide his fascist politics, posting Nazi-themed images on social media and repeating Nazi dog whistle slogans on a regular basis.


Paint in stairwell from fascists social media
Pictures of the aftermath posted on Zugmaier’s social media

A brick adorned with a hammer and sickle and a quotation from Mao Zedong was thrown through his glass storm door and red paint was thrown inside, coating his walls and stairwell. An activist reported Zugmaier was home during the attack and screamed so loud it could be heard from the street. Before making an escape, antifascists scattered fliers on Zugmaier’s lawn and street, once again reminding the people that Zugmaier and his wretched ideology must be met with stiff resistance.

Broken Fascist's Window taken by witness the next day
Picture taken by witness the following day, the smashed glass of Zugmaier’s door still visible.