AFGHANISTAN: US Desperately Pushes for Peace Talks as Taliban Gains Ground

By Mike Talavera

U.S. envoy Zalmay Khalilzad is in Kabul this week in an effort to recommence talks between the US-backed Afghan government and the Taliban, the leading anti-US force in the country.

Always the two-faced monster, US imperialism insists on peaceful diplomacy even as it ramps up its slaughter of the Afghan people. According to recent reports, in the first quarter of this year the US and its allies have been responsible for more civilian deaths than the anti-government insurgency, an indication that the imperialists are desperate and turning toward more indiscriminate attacks. Even though the number of US troops in the country (roughly 14,000) is ten times less than what it was in 2009, the US has kept the same pace of carnage.

In addition to its devastating military operations since the 2001 invasion, the US has pervaded such evils on the Afghans as the infamous “Kill Squad,” a gang of US soldiers that hunted Afghans and collected their body parts as trophies, the Kandahar massacre, where sergeant Robert Bales walked into the homes of an Afghan village in the middle of the night and murdered sixteen people, and the Bagram prison, where Afghan prisoners were hung from the ceiling by chains and beaten to death.

The US has blocked the impotent International Criminal Court from investigating these atrocities among others, revoking the travel visas of various officials including ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda this April.


The Taliban has served the interests of the Afghan resistance as it has refused to negotiate with the puppet government and has fought an unrelenting battle against US imperialism and now controls about half of the country. In despair, the US has unleashed a vicious bombing campaign, killing Taliban, its Afghan allies, and Afghan civilians alike in the hellfire.

The Afghan people have suffered for eighteen long years under the shackles of US occupation. Peace talks aimed at brokering a continuation of this occupation are doomed to fail, and the deadly explosives that rain from the air will be consumed by the inferno of the rebellious masses. Justice for the crimes of US imperialism has taken the form of a resilient rising tide of armed resistance that will banish the Yankee oppressors from Afghanistan.