AUSTIN: Antifascists Take Up Maoist Campaign against Local Proud Boy

By Ed Dalton. Cover image updated 

On Tuesday evening,  less than 10 antifascists dressed in anarchist-style black bloc attire protested outside the AT&T Center, the employer of Proud Boy fascist Dustin Casler. A witness told Incendiary that the small group appeared to be made of a combination of anarchists and the Austin Revolutionary Organizing Collective (AROC), a local revisionist group.

The group made a short march which stayed on the public sidewalk near the building and passed out flyers detailing AT&T’s fascist employee. No confrontations with fascists or police were reported, and the protesters did not enter the hotel.

Even small gestures like this one which remain in the confines of bourgeois law and order have their use, as fascists should not have any days when they are not confronted through both legal and illegal means. The small gesture should be appreciated, while maintaining the ideological principles against such revisionist groups and organizations.

Incendiary encourages the participants in Tuesday’s protest to cast aside revisionism and take up the Maoist’s campaign fully by accepting revolutionary leadership.