AUSTIN: Abuser’s Retaliatory Case Against Survivor Dismissed

By Mike Talavera

On Monday, a judge dismissed the lawsuit filed by abuser Alejandro Caceres against his former partner Nancy Cárdenas Peña. Caceres’ lawsuit accused Peña of defaming him after coming forward with her account of his abuse.

“I can’t quite possibly describe how much [Caceres] continued to perpetuate his abuse through this lawsuit,” Peña told Incendiary, “and how, when I heard the news [that the case was dismissed, I] regained a part of me I didn’t know I lost along the way. It’s exhilarating. Emotional. Just ready to heal from this experience and help the community.”

“My case received more attention than I anticipated,” Peña continued, “Not only because we were both immigration organizers in Austin, but because so many women could sadly relate to the experiences I underwent. My win was for the community of women who lent me their strength, resolve, and power to continue this fight. We will not suffer in silence. The time of men running from the accountability of their actions is over.”

While this case is over, the community won’t forget the actions of Caceres. Posters of Caceres hung up by the Movimiento Feminino Popular – Popular Women’s Movement still can be seen around town, putting other abusers in organizing spaces on notice that women will not be intimidated into silence.