AUSTIN: Antifascists Target Proud Boy in Poster Campaign

By East Austin Antifascist

*Editor’s note: the following is a piece submitted to Incendiary by an Austin-area antifascist

Last night in Austin, antifascists wheatpasted posters around the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center outing one of their employees as a Proud Boy.


After being banned from Facebook and put on an FBI watch list last year, the Proud Boys have tended to lay low online, but this did not prevent antifascists from identifying Dustin Casler at Proud Boy social events and tracking him back to his workplace.

Currently, the center is aware of the accusations, but is requesting more information, allowing this issue to be caught up in HR bureaucracy. Call them, request to speak to Human Resources (management has been more hostile), and let them know what you think of Dustin and Proud Boy filth!

+1 512-404-1900

AT&T Conference Center Facebook: