AUSTIN: Antifascists Target Texas Nomad’s Car and Residence on E Riverside

By East Austin Antifascist

*Editor’s note: the following is a piece submitted to Incendiary by an Austin-area antifascist

This week, Austin fascist Colin Whites of local group Texas Nomads SAR had his E Riverside apartment and car vandalized by antifascists.

Whites and his “Nomads” companions have been seen repeatedly in Austin counter-protesting various progressive and revolutionary events. At this year’s Red May 1st march, Whites was assaulted after he taunted marchers; according to the Austin Police Department, he was struck in the head so hard that he was bleeding profusely and had to seek immediate medical attention. Afterward, Whites complained to his online circles about the danger that antifascists and Communists pose.

In the following weeks, posters appeared in Riverside that included a large hammer and sickle, Whites’ bloodied face, and a bold title that read: “fascists bleed when they come to Riverside.” This statement has been parroted by the fascists themselves, with Texas Nomads SAR member Jon Colgin referring to East Riverside as “antifa (sic) territory.” Generally, fascists warn each other against going into Riverside alone, lest they be confronted by antifascists.

Whites, against the advice of his own associates, was spotted alone on E Riverside Dr. last Monday by a few workers and residents in the area. Two people who were on a walk encountered him spraying down the posters of himself with what he later claimed was bleach. These two confronted him, yelling at him to get out of Riverside and telling those nearby about his anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim ideology.

This confrontation was short-lived as cops quickly arrived at the intersection with sirens blaring. Whites, however, had already been scared away from continuing, and retreated to his car after sitting with a cop for about an hour. His bleach had been totally ineffective against the wheatpasted posters, making his entire outing pointless.

Antifascists responded to Whites’ attempts to remove the propaganda early Thursday morning. An apartment at 1500 Crossing Place, reportedly Whites’ residence, was covered in the same posters and red paint was spilled across the floor in front of his door. His car was also splattered with red paint across the hood and his windshield was cracked.


wites door
It seems that Whites cannot run from his reputation as a fascist, and his attempts to remove posters warning the community resulted in them being posted to his car and front door

Whites was recently homeless and living in his car while he worked as a tutor at ACC and through a private high school tutoring service, but after assaulting a counter-protester at a “March 4 Trump” rally and being doxxed by antifascists he lost both jobs. It is not known where he is working currently or how he was able to start renting an apartment. Whites is likely starting to feel that he has made a dangerous mistake by moving into the E Riverside neighborhood.