BAYTOWN: Unarmed Woman Murdered by Police Moments After Yelling “I’m Pregnant!”

By Jennifer Kelly

Monday night an unarmed black woman was murdered outside of her apartment by a Baytown police officer outside of Houston, TX. Video surfaced of the officer harassing Pamela Turner (45), tasing her, throwing her to the ground, and finally shooting her five times.

In the video she can be heard yelling “I’m walking to my apartment, you are harassing me” and “Why, Why?” before finally pleading “I’m pregnant” mere moments before being gunned down.

Still images taken from bystander video in murder of Pamela Turner

The Baytown Police Department claims the woman grabbed the officer’s taser, somehow justifying her murder, but video evidence does not appear to support this claim. BPD is looking for the person who posted the video and have said they are disappointed that the video was released.

Bourgeois press has focused on her supposed criminal history and the police department’s claim that she was not pregnant, glossing over the fact that the officer was also private security for her complex, lived there, and also had an undisclosed “history” with her.

BPD is trying to do damage control by assuring the public that she was not pregnant at the time of the shooting, ignoring the fact that one of their officers acted with complete disregard for the physical safety of a woman screaming that she was pregnant, while having no reason to disbelieve her.

It is well known that police will use any pretext to harass and imprison working-class and especially Black people, and when they are dead will go to any lengths to slander them. Her warrants are related to resisting being served an eviction notice, a “crime” which is totally justified. The masses are justified in resisting eviction by landlords in any way they can.

This is not first instance of a racist attack by a Baytown officer. In October 2018, an off-duty police officer broke the window of 19-year-old Jeff Sprecher’s car, dragged him through the broken window, and beat and choked him nearly unconscious because he had been in the car with the officer’s daughter.

There is also the case of Officer Nathaniel Brown, who has been a menace to the Black community of Baytown for years. Multiple people over the years have complained of his excessive force, and in October 2018 he beat a handcuffed man after throwing him into a glass wall, who had attempted to break up a fight at a local bar. In January 2019, four years of harassing a man named Raphael White culminated in a brutal attack. White was tased in the throat, beaten by Officer Brown while on the ground, and attacked by a police dog.

This video comes shortly after the release of new footage recorded by Sandra Bland of her own arrest in Waller County, Texas, also outside of Houston. This shooting outraged people across Texas in 2015 who have again taken to social media to condemn the brutal murder of Turner, another defiant Black woman.

The masses yearn for revolutionary justice in the cases of Bland and Turner, but reformists in Black Lives Matter have no interest in either. Local BLM leader and city council hopeful Ashton Woods said in a video that what the public needs to do is call for “answers” and “transparency” to know “truthfully what happened.”

Despite the video evidence of Turner’s murder, these reformists are calling on the masses to stifle their righteous anger. They are ultimately interested in putting on band-aids, such as the so-called “Sandra Bland Act”. For Ashton Woods, this is just another rung in his political career.

“We want justice. She didn’t deserve this,” Turner’s family has told the press.

We have all the answers we need. What we need now is justice, and justice cannot and will not come from the capitalist state. The only path to justice is liberation for the working class and the Black nation through revolution.