CALIFORNIA: Antifascists Confront Right Wing Hack at Anti-Sanctuary Rally

By Zein Amari and Alexeyia Morina

This past Saturday, a phony right wing journalist entered a crowd of antifascists at an anti-sanctuary city rally in Huntington Beach and left with a welt on his forehead the size of a golf ball.

The skirmish occurred at the “March to End Sanctuary State,” an event held and supported by an eclectic mix of right-wing Trump supporters and outright fascists. The march called for the repeal of SB54, which is also known as the California Sanctuary Law. SB54 prohibits state and law enforcement from investigating, interrogating, detaining, detecting, or arresting people for immigration enforcement purposes.

Right wing agitators led chants of “BUILD THE WALL,” held racist anti-immigration signs, told people passing by to “go back to Mexico!” and hurled misogynistic slurs at counter-protesters. Virulent homophobe Arther Schaper from Mass Resistance and xenophobe Robin Hvidston from the Remembrance Project were the main speakers at the event.

Around 2 PM, right wing YouTuber Brandon Racor began to antagonize a group of antifascists. Racor taunted the antifascists who held their ground and pushed back. After Racor swung at one antifascist, he was beaten by other antifascists with red flags.

Huntington Beach Police Department had been watching the event unfold via drones, a sign of increasing state surveillance. Huntington Beach’s SWAT team descended on the antifascists and began arresting counter-protesters using an excessive amount of force, taking a total of five into custody. The police have historically protected and, in many cases, collaborated with the right wing and fascists.

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Two of the antifascists arrested were supporters of Defend Boyle Heights (DBH), a revolutionary anti-gentrification organization in Boyle Heights. Both of these antifascists are now out of jail; one is facing a charge of resisting arrest, while the other is facing a more serious charge of assault with a deadly weapon. DBH has begun a fundraiser for these antifascists, which you can donate to here.

Class enemies will not fall unless they are hit, and these antifascists should be commended for their bravery. They showed that the people can defend themselves against the right if they are disciplined, organized, and keep revolutionary politics in command.