FLORIDA: Texas Neo-Nazis Turn Snitch and Face Lengthy Jail Terms

By Ed Dalton

Last week, Texas-based neo-Nazi Tyler Tenbrink was sentenced by a Florida court to 15 years in prison for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The case dates back to October 19, 2017, when Tenbrink and his two co-defendants, brothers William and Colton Fears, traveled from the Houston, Texas area to Gainesville, Florida to attend a Richard Spencer speech at the University of Florida.

The trio proceeded to harass and provoke a group of antifascists at a bus stop, resulting in a smashed rear window of their vehicle. Later in the day, the trio returned and Tenbrink fired a single shot from a handgun which missed the antifascists, while the Fears brothers shouted at Tenbrink to kill the antifascists.

At sentencing last Wednesday, Tenbrink plead no contest to the charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and received a 15 year prison sentence. Originally charged with attempted murder, ostensibly accepting the lowered charge as part of the plea.

The prosecuting attorney’s office mysteriously declined to charge William Fears, in spite of his long criminal record of gun charges, kidnapping, stabbing and burglary of a habitation. It stands to reason that the dismissal of his charges stems from his cooperation with the state against both his brother and former comrade-at-arms.

The trio is well known to Texas antifascists. They all attended a large fascist contingent which confronted a revolutionary International Workers Day rally on May 1, 2017. They could be seen among the crowd making Nazi salutes and provoking violence, the older brother William Fears assaulted multiple people in front of the police with impunity.

Every time the older Fears comes into legal trouble, he has been awarded the most minor sentences and even seen most of his charges vanish like the recent attempted murder charge in Florida, raising suspicion that he is a long-term informant.

William Fears being protected by law enforcement has not protected him from antifascists. According to anonymous sources, after his address was made public by antifascists his home and vehicle (which was used in the Florida crime) have been repeatedly targeted. Fliers warning the community have been posted in Fears’s area, which he said made him depressed and stressed out in posts on his social media.

The older Fears is also known to be a shot caller in the fascist organization Patriot Front, with connections to the murderer of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Snitching runs in the family. The younger brother Colton Fears, former front man for a Houston-based racist punk band is awaiting sentencing and has agreed to testify against his co-defendant as part of a plea agreement. Also facing 15 years, Colton Fears plead guilty to accessory after the fact in attempted murder.

Understanding the dangers posed by Texas fascists provided the basis for the red antifascist movement in Austin to arm and train to use force in self-defense. Every time the fascist groups would organize publicly in Austin they were confronted with disciplined columns of antifascist militants. Austin-based antifascists had been warning the public of the trio for over a year before their arrests in Florida made national headlines.

The fascist pension for individualism and fetish for law enforcement cannot stand up to interrogation; they are easily divided and made into snitches by the system. Antifascism must oppose individualism and seek to attain discipline under Communist leadership, which with a singular will can stand up to any interrogation methods.