CHARLOTTE: Militants Fight Liberalism at Women’s March

by Miriam Cordova

On Saturday January 26 Women’s Militant Front (WMF) participated in the Charlotte Women’s March, which this year was titled the “Women United March.”

Liberal women shouted, “Love not hate makes America great!” and WMF responded with, “Love doesn’t trump hate! America was never great!” which oppressed nations women joined in on. The slogan “One solution! Revolution!” also caught on.

One woman walked up to WMF members saying “Y’all are badass!” and enthusiastically joined in on their chants.


Other WMF members were there passing out flyers for WMF’s Boycott the Benham Bros campaign, aimed at attacking the leadership of Charlotte’s foremost anti-abortion organization.

While bourgeois news sources claimed the rally was “nonpartisan,” opposition to Trump was the rally’s uniting factor. As with many spontaneous movements that arise in the US, the Charlotte Women’s March itself has been overtaken by electoral politics and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

This year’s march focused heavily on raising money to give to the Parks and Recreation Department and worked with Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) for permission to assemble. This pig collaboration ignores the cold fact that the police terrorize women daily, inflicting deadly violence on women, especially those from oppressed nations.

While the liberal organizers claimed there was not a permit to take the streets and that the march would remain on the sidewalk, the women participating did take the streets and faced no opposition from CMPD because of the numbers. The masses’ refusal to submit to legalism is progressive and the masses of women who marched should not be lumped in with the liberal organizers.

The twenty-minute march was only twelve blocks total in a very small circle. With at least one thousand people and many less pigs, it would have been possible to go on much longer and resist CMPD’s orders even more. The liberal ideas in people’s heads along with the police in the streets worked to hush any whispers of rebellion, but an organized force must be there to amplify them.

The Charlotte Observer, the local bourgeois mouthpiece, referred to the 2019 Women United March as a “pep rally,” a pejorative that is sexist regardless of the gender of the author. This trope views women as cheerleaders focused on spirit rather than agents of political action. The march being liberal alone does not qualify it as a “pep rally” because plenty of male-dominated liberal rallies make it through the news without such a label.

Claiming “anger is not sustainable nor the most effective way to create change,” the Women’s United March hosted a panel of speakers that was introduced by a judge, and even included speakers who in the past have claimed to be revolutionaries. Ash Williams and Myka Johnson, both Charlotte Uprising core organizers, were content to sit on a panel along with an official capable of sentencing jail time, despite all their “abolitionist” rhetoric which claims to be “against carceral feminism”.

The US women’s movement has been pacified for too long. Events like this one, which try to make peace with police and bourgeois politicians, represent a betrayal to working class women and their interests. The women masses who were attracted to the Women’s March deserve better than a parade handed to them by class collaborationists.

One WMF spokesperson told Incendiary, “We will never participate in these panels nor aim to gain a seat at the table. Anger is a gift that must be channeled into organized confrontation with our enemies.”