AUSTIN: Bourgeois Feminists get Cold Feet, Revolutionary Women Remain Resolute

By Ed Dalton

Bourgeois feminist organization March on Texas withdrew from this year’s annual Women’s March due to lack of permit and no police escort, while revolutionaries of the Popular Women’s Movement-Movimiento Femenino Popular (PWM-MFP), undeterred by the lack of sanction from the old decaying capitalist state, took part in the illegal demonstration this past Saturday.

The march in Austin, which takes place every year to commemorate the 1973 Roe vs Wade Supreme court decision, is usually limited to the issue of reproductive rights. This year’s medley of liberal organizers intended to include economic issues faced by women as part of the march’s message. In line with reformism, the organizers tried to channel the women’s struggle into electoral politics, even though economic equality for women or anyone is not possible under the capitalist system.

History has proven that the methods of reformism and electioneering cannot accomplish economic equality for women or even protect the hard-won rights of women, which have been systematically stripped away by the state of Texas. While the bourgeois feminist only seeks more inclusion within the imperialist state, the revolutionary woman seeks to abolish imperialism in service of the world proletarian revolution.

The masses of women, outnumbering the organizers, were composed of all classes and represented various views. In past marches, bourgeois feminists have corralled these women into dead-end politics which only serve the reactionary anti-women system.

“This is why we attended the women’s march,” PWM-MFP said in a statement. “We engaged with women who are sick of the same toothless NGOs and bought-up activist peddling their defeatist nonsense from their podiums.”

“Unlike the women who put together such marches, we aren’t interested in gaining electoral seats, running our own business, becoming NGO sell-outs, or being awarded tenure at a college,” the statement said. “We have one focus, and that is to fight for our class and to carve out a place for ourselves in the revolution.”

Even more outnumbered than the event organizers was a pathetic group of reactionaries and fascists waving Trump flags who attempted to harass and intimidate other women.

Reactionaries all over seek to speed up the restrictions of women’s rights awarded under capitalism by turning back the hands of time, the fascists among them stand opposed fully to all democratic rights of women.

The fascists, observing the revolutionary slogans and combative militancy of the women revolutionaries focused their vile taunts and agitation at the revolutionary contingent of the march but failed to isolate them.

One InfoWars reporter taunted a woman among the crowd, “Do you support these communists?” The unaffiliated woman defiantly responded “Yes!”, showing the utter ineptitude of the fascists to divide the militants from the working women.

PWM-MFP held their ground, maintained discipline, and did not play into the game of the baiting fascists, showing all in attendance that revolutionaries are not afraid of the police or a confrontation with reactionaries.

Incendiary extends a red salute to the brave and disciplined women of PWM-MFP and to all the courageous women of the working class and the oppressed masses who refused to be silenced by the lack of permits or a police escort, an escort which materially only puts women at greater risk of violence and surveillance. Women hold up half the sky and are among the bravest fighters of the working class!