TIJUANA: Migrants and Imperialist Guard Clash at US-Mexico Border

By Mike Talavera

At noon on Sunday, a group of approximately 500 migrants marched towards the United States San Ysidro entry point near Tijuana, Mexico, which culminated in a skirmish between march participants and US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents and Mexican riot police.

The border guards of US imperialism fired tear gas into the crowd as migrants hurled back rocks. Some migrants managed to breach the border fence amidst the chaos, while others were apprehended and now face deportation.

The migrants who participated in Sunday’s march represent a fraction of the over 7,000 people, mostly Central Americans, currently situated in Tijuana who have spent the past few months traveling across Mexico, starting in Honduras, in order to seek asylum in the US.

Sunday’s clash is likely the first of many large-scale border melees that will result as tensions sharpen between the migrant caravan and the fascist CBP forces.

Afforded greater leeway in their use of deadly force than local US police, CBP agents are infamous for their crimes against the people on the border with Mexico. Just last week, CBP Agent Lonnie Schwartz was acquitted of murdering 16-year-old Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez in October, 2012. Schwartz had shot Rodriguez on the Mexican side of the border ten times, claiming to have done so in self-defense against thrown rocks.

Unlike Schwartz, many CBP agents never end up facing a jury for their violent acts against Mexicans and migrants, despite numerous documented incidents by The Guardian and other organizations.

The ones who do, however, reveal a glimpse of the malicious minds at work for the border patrol. Next month, the trial proceedings will begin for CBP agent Juan David Ortiz, who murdered at least four Latina women in September.

The images coming out from Sunday’s skirmish resemble scenes from this year’s Great March of Return protests at the Gaza border in Palestine, where the Israel Defense Forces have killed 168 people and injured at least 15,000 others since March. Hamas and other militant groups have fought back to defend the protesters, wounding several IDF soldiers and Israeli civilians.

Palestinian protester hurls rock at IDF

While the border disputes between Israel and Palestine and the US and Mexico are the most televised, the violent oppression of migrants is a worldwide phenomenon, with Hungary and Myanmar being some of the more vicious examples.

Reporting on the migrant caravan in an October post, Maoist organization Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo describes how the advent of capitalism inaugurated the global migration of the masses who make up part of the reserve army of labor.

Unlike US President Donald Trump and other reactionaries who scapegoat migrants, Sol Rojo calls for workers and revolutionary organizations to show solidarity to migrants.

“Each of the citizens of Central America that is escaping from their respective countries in this migrant caravan is a victim of [the same] bureaucratic capitalism, the semi-feudalism and the semi-colonialism [to] which we [have all been] subjected, [the] millions of workers from the countryside and the cities in Latin America,” the post reads. “The position of the democratic and revolutionary movement towards the migrant brothers and sisters must be of solidarity and proletarian internationalism.”