KANSAS CITY: Activists Mobilize to Boycott the Elections

by Juliza Summers

Last weekend local activists mobilized across different working class neighborhoods all over Kansas City to knock on doors to conduct surveys and to distribute anti-electoral propaganda.

While the capitalist media dominates the airwaves and encourages the masses to participate in the circus that is the midterm elections, supporters and members of Serve the People Kansas City (STP-KC) went to the masses to ask what the working class really felt about the elections.

In every neighborhood visited, teams found people willing to talk about what they really felt about the elections and multiple people pledged to boycott the elections and stay at home on November 6.

Some community members yelled “hell no!” when asked if they would be voting.

Activists also pitched questions about mass deportation, nuclear war, and a possible military draft and whether or not armed community self-defense would be justified in resisting these bourgeois aggressions.

Those surveyed responded enthusiastically to this materialist line of questioning, unlike the superficial interactions with bourgeois canvassers.

Volunteers received invitations into homes to discuss global political issues and people expressed interest in becoming involved with upcoming actions by STP-KC to address the ongoing crisis of evictions happenings all over the city.

STP-KC has plans to mobilize its members and supporters to continue distributing anti-electoral propaganda and engage in direct conversations in targeted zip codes across the city in the days leading up to the elections.

Justin, a supporter of STP-KC told Incendiary, “Given that millions of people don’t vote anyway, and most of the electorate sits at home during the midterms we need to make sure we turn that passive boycott into an active one. When the bourgeoisie starts their ‘Get out the vote’ campaigns we need to hit the pavement as well.”

It is estimated that as much as 60% of the electorate sit at home during the midterm elections and about 40% sat out during the 2016 presidential elections. This is a reflection that a significant portion of the masses have little faith that the electoral system will impact their lives. While the enemy continues to try to peddle these illusions that “every vote counts,” groups like STP-KC seek to tell the truth about the bourgeois system and to turn that passive resistance that exists already into a proactive and militant one.