BRAZIL: Fascist Voted to Presidency in Electoral Farce

By Mike Talavera

This past weekend, fascist Jair Bolsonaro won the second round of the Brazilian presidential election, the reactionary result of a failing bourgeois process which has been attacked fervently over the past two months by a militant election boycott campaign.

At the polls in several locations around Brazil, voting machines were smashed and set aflame by the rebellious masses.

An incinerated voting machine

The number of people who didn’t vote in Brazil’s elections, an estimated 42 million, rivals the number of Bolsonaro’s supporters. Unlike the United States, voting is compulsory for Brazilian citizens between the ages of 18 and 70, making the record volume of abstentions and outright rejections of the electoral process an even greater reflection of the crisis of Brazil’s bourgeois order.

The nationwide uprising of 2013 brought into stark relief the utter failure of policies like the Cruzado Plan following the end of the anti-communist military regime in 1985 and signaled the beginning of a greater people’s revolution against the state.

Despite promising to help Brazil’s toiling masses for decades, the “civilian” Brazilian government, owned and operated by bureaucrat capitalists, has no stomach to even rattle the chains of imperialism which shackle the country.

The Brazilian bourgeoisie, who run the media circus around the elections and finance the mainstream political parties, are the same class that sells out the Brazilian people every day to foreign capital (mainly that of the United States), riddling the nation’s economy with debt and forcing it to bend to the will of Yankee imperialism.

Under this two-faced and rotten political system, there is no hope of liberation for the Brazilian people. The only solution is revolution, a slogan championed by the election boycott campaign.

Banner reads “No election and no military intervention! Revolution now!”

On August 31st in Belo Horizonte, a demonstration led by the Revolutionary Front of the People’s Rights kicked off the revolutionary boycott. Groups such as the Women’s People’s Movement, the Students Revolutionary People’s Movement, the Poor Peasants League, and the Union of the Civil Construction Workers of Belo Horizonte and Region (Marreta) participated, and speeches were given denouncing the election and calling for a New Democratic Revolution.

Since that event, other cities and villages around Brazil have taken up the campaign, making their support known with the distribution of propaganda, graffiti, and even blocking highways.

The liberal United States media has reacted to Bolsonaro’s election with shock, not out of concern for the Brazilian masses but to improve their ratings as they have done when reporting on President Donald Trump.

Bolsonaro’s victory is a hollow one. He has been elected to head a decaying state which increasingly bows to the whims of imperialism at the expense of its own people.

The scale of this year’s militant boycott campaign shows that the people are fed up with the lies of the bourgeois parties and desire a new Brazil and a new democracy!

Graffiti from Norte De Minas, “Don’t Vote! Struggle!”
Graffiti from Belo Horizonte
In Campinas, where protesters occupied the highway and painted the barrier with boycott slogans like “Don’t vote!”
Boycott supporters in Porto Alegre distribute issues of New Democracy newspaper and election boycott pamphlets
Workers in Ananindeua reading New Democracy newspaper and election boycott propaganda
Graffiti from Curitiba, “Elections are a farce! Don’t vote, struggle!”