FRANCE: Antifascists Shut Down Fascist bar and Social Space Permanently

By Ed Dalton

Bastion Social, a fascist drinking and social space in Clermont-Ferrand was attacked twice by antifascist organizations Cellule Antifasciste Révolutionnaire d’Auvergne (Revolutionary Antifascist Cell of Auvergne or CARA) and Jeunes Révolutionnaires (Revolutionary Youth). After the second attack, which included a break-in, flooding, and vandalism, Bastion Social closed its doors permanently, proving that the fascists were no match for the militant organizing of the city.

In a video released by CARA, the revolutionaries took credit for what they called “a looting and rampage” of the fascist space on the night of October 12. The video has now been removed from Youtube. Mass protest was carried out over the summer against the fascist social space.

The first attack against Bastion Social took place the night of August 27th, where the space was ransacked and damaged, and was claimed by both CARA and Jeunes Révolutionnaires. A photo was posted online of the revolutionaries appearing in masks, posing with the fascists flags and materials taken in the raid.

Mayor of Clermont-Ferrand Olivier Bianchi stated, “I said from the beginning that in view of the tradition of the city, the culture of the Resistance and the left, the arrival of the Social Bastion implied heavy risks of conflict,” recalling the strong current of antifascism still present in the French masses. However, Bianchi did not comment on the effectiveness of revolutionary antifascist leadership.

Two days after being protested by thousands on July 12th, Bastion Social opened its doors under heavy police protection, 130 police were required to protect the fascists who were shuttled in from all over France numbering less than 70.

While the mayor encouraged legal opposition to the fascist social space, he was unable to shut it down. Its closing came from the work of dedicated antifascists who understand that fighting fascism cannot be successful within the confines of bourgeois law and order.

Supporters of CARA and Jeunes Révolutionnaires have come under police and state repression since the action which ended the fascist social space for good.

Commenting on the attack against the fascist club, a French antifascist told Incendiary News that the French antifascists have a saying: “fight fascists wherever they show up.”

When asked about the subsequent repression, he replied, “repression breeds resistance!”

Similar attacks against other locations of Bastion Social have taken place in the French Cities of Lyon, Strasbourg, and Marseille, carried out with militant precision.

Bastion Social, in its “patriotic” type of ultra-nationalist fascism as well as its hatred for immigrants and the poor, bears a striking resemblance to the growing fascist trends in the United States. Let US antifascists take a lesson from the great work of our comrades in France! This publication issues its utmost solidarity to the comrades in CARA and Jeunes Révolutionnaires!